Playlist — May 2018

Pinky promise that one day I’ll post things other than playlists here, but for now: a playlist.

May was all about moving! I think I spent more time in Wisconsin this month than all my other years put together, and I actually enjoyed it (they have a real Jenny Holzer hidden in there!) and god, was it all exhausting. I come into June with the hope that the tiredness will go away, even though it never really does and the heat is bound to make it all worse. But regardless! Onward!

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Playlist — April 2018

If someone would like to write my philosophy paper for me that would be really great. Or my history paper. Or my English paper. Or study for my psych test. Which are all happening within like three days of each other and way too soon.

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Playlist — March 2018

This one’s called I Was So Stressed All Month That All I Listened To Was Songs I Used To Be Obsessed With In Middle School And Totally Forgot Existed. There was quite a lot of BOY and No Doubt and Candypants that didn’t make the cut because they definitely would’ve made this playlist even more embarrassing than it already is—and the first song is a Spongebob reference, so that’s a pretty high bar.

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Playlist — February 2018

This is me. I am blogging. I have midterms next week. I need a hug.

February began with the ghost of Emily Dickinson stabbing me in the heart with an envelope. I think she was trying to tell me something, possibly to warn me that I would feel like I’m having a heart attack 24/7 for the last week of the month, in which case message received (albeit belatedly).

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My Visual Application for the Position of Sufjan Stevens’s Stylist (Specifically for the 90th Academy Awards, But I’m Open to Something More Long-term)

Mr. Stevens,

It has come to my attention that you have officially received your invitation to the 90th Academy Awards ceremony at the Dolby Theatre, March 4th. First, let me congratulate you. I know a lot of people who directed their combined cosmic energy in support of your nomination and win, and I can only assume you yourself expended some of your undoubtedly expansive cosmic energy in that direction as well. This is a big deal! Congrats!

Now, of course, the question of how to present yourself at the awards arises. Mr. Stevens, you are well-known for your eclectic style, whether that be musically or… well, let’s just say visually. I’m sure you’ve been mulling over this conundrum yourself! Do you go for the classic “recently-brought-to-life animatronic petting zoo museum dummy” look, or perhaps something with more feathers? You are a man of many talents, Mr. Stevens! What aspect should you present here, in front of the eyes of the cinematic public? Which of your many hats should you don, either figuratively or literally, as it may be?

What follows is a few of my ideas as to how you may best translate some of your best selves in preparation for thanking the Academy.

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Playlist — January 2018

Again a weird month, half here, half somewhere else. Twice over the past two months have I been getting on a plane and referred to it as “flying home,” despite the fact that the trips were headed in the complete opposite directions from each other.

But regardless, January, starting over, new beginnings, etc., etc.. I don’t feel so much like I’ve changed in the crossover between months. The main change has been that I got a new laptop battery for the first time since I got it in 2013 and wow, is it nice.

Anyway, pre-order Twin Fantasy, the world’s best gay ass record and already the highlight of February, online now.

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