Words to Use More Often No. 6

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Playlist — February 2017

This being a leap year made February a little more and less bearable—less in that it meant one more day to suffer through, more in that I didn’t have to limit myself as much on sheer song count here.

This playlist is devoid of love songs (aside from “Lovesong” itself, but that’s meant to be ironic) on purpose, although it does happen to contain one of the most romantic songs known to man, “John My Beloved” by Sufjan Stevens. It also has “Tubthumping” but that’s because of this hysterical video.

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And Behold!

Your babiest EJ and I started a new blog! Check it.

A Series of Little Things

People of the internet rejoice! There’s a new aimless blog on the block. We’re EJ and EJ and we’re here to write about what we want when we want in the hopes that you want to read it too. Film, music, all things queer and/or nerdy—it’ll be here.

Make sure to subscribe here and follow us on Twitter and Tumblr for updates when we, well, update. Thanks for plugging in!

— EJ & EJ

For the great doesn’t happen through impulse alone, and is a series of little things that are brought together. Vincent Van Gogh

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